California Long Term Care Cost

The cost of long term care differs from one state to another and California being one of the most expensive states to receive care. In order to combat this, you need to purchase long term care policy. Through this you can finally afford paying for nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hiring a home health aide. To give you an idea of the California long term care quote you’ll receive, here’s the latest cost of Care Survey Report for the year 2011.


Home Care: Homemaker Services (Licensed) Median Annual Expense




Home Care: Home Health Aide (Licensed) Median Annual Expense




Adult Day Health Care Median Annual Expense




Assisted Living Facility: One Bedroom/Single Occupancy Median Annual Rate




Nursing Home: Semi-Private Room Median Annual Rate




Nursing Home: Private Room Median Annual Rate




To those who are living in California and interested in purchasing long term care insurance, this can solidify their decision in applying for one since the cost of care is very expensive. 


Benefits of Having a Long Term Care Plan

Long term care goes beyond hospital service or medical care.  If you will take some time to research on long term care you will realize that it is actually more important than your regular health insurance.


Your health insurance policy does not and will never cover the expenses that you will incur from long term care which you have a high likelihood of needing.  Regular health insurance policies only cover medical treatments and doctor’s fees but not custodial care which is a form of long term care (LTC) that includes assistance with one’s activities of daily living (ADL) like eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, management of continence, and transferring.


You could be thinking that only individuals who are seriously ill need assistance with their ADLs but the fact of the matter is that 70% of the population over 65 years old are currently receiving care in different LTC settings.  Meanwhile, 40% of LTC patients come from the 18 to 64 age bracket.


Anyone regardless of age may need LTC at some point in his life and without a well-structured plan he risks losing what took him years to acquire.  This could be his home, nest egg, small business, and other valuable assets.


It is important to note that LTC is not limited to disabled people and the elderly.  Individuals who figured in accidents and sustained head injuries, damaged their spine,  legs, or kidneys also qualify for this type of health care.


Long term care should neither be a threat to your finances nor be ignored if the need for it arises.  If you start looking at the options which LTC experts and elder care specialists have laid on the table, and study each seriously, you can readily acquire LTC should you require it in the future.


You can plan your LTC with a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy, reverse mortgage, hybrid life insurance with LTC rider, and annuities among others.  Before deciding which platform to take, be sure to identify your future health care needs  and shop for long term care quote first so that you know exactly what to prepare for.


Research on Long Term Care Settings


Every LTC need has a corresponding setting.  For instance, if you are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s then your likelihood of needing skilled nursing care is high so you should definitely consider a nursing home in your plan.


Say no one in your family had succumbed to a life-threatening illness but you’ve had grandparents, uncles and aunts who spent their later years receiving care at home.  Don’t you think you should consider the possibility of requiring the same thing in the future?


In creating an LTC plan you are simply anticipating what could befall you health-wise.  You do not have to be 100% accurate but your estimation should somehow be close enough to your potential needs.


Research on long term care facilities for you to be able to identify which will suit your future health care needs.  Familiarizing yourself with the rates of each facility is also advantageous as this will enable you to prepare for the cost of care which you will likely face someday.

How Much Is Your Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care costs increase at least 5% annually due to inflation.  This is only one of the many important factors that you should consider when you are requesting long term care quote for a potential policy.   


Having a long term care insurance (LTCI) policy is essential as this will serve as your best defense against the continuously soaring cost of care.  However, you have to study each component of your policy to ensure yourself of a coverage that will best suit your health care needs.  By simply basing your coverage on variables which others deem as ideal such as a high maximum benefit amount, five-year benefit period, 90-day elimination period, and a 5% annual compound inflation protection  you could put your health, budget and family on the line.

What is ideal to other people may not be for you.  To be able to clinch a policy that will match your long term care (LTC) requirements you have to work through proper calculation.  Practically everything in an LTCI policy, after all, involves calculation such as your daily benefit amount, coverage period, elimination period, inflation protection, not to mention that discounts that you will qualify for.


You cannot simply guess the total amount of benefits that you will need in the future or else you might end up underinsured; or you could risk overspending on your policy’s annual premium.  See to it that the amount of your insurance benefits will match the cost of  care in your area and that it will conform to your benefit period.


Calculating Your Long Term Care Quotes


It is highly recommended to work out your LTCI policy with a seasoned insurance agent who is not only affiliated with the country’s leading LTCI carriers but also adept in computing daily or monthly insurance benefits based on the specifications of his consumers.


You only have to furnish your LTCI agent with the necessary information before he can start gathering LTCI quotes which you can study and compare later on.  Your information sheet should include your present health condition, family’s health history, preferred LTC setting, pre-existing condition if you have any, and vices that you engage in such as smoking or drinking.


Having knowledge in the current cost of care in your area will also speed up your agent’s job.  Although you can easily look up the median annual cost of care in your state of residence, the figures that you will dig up will not be very helpful to your coverage because the rates of LTC facilities or services vary according to county, city or town.


For example, the median annual rate of nursing homes in the state you’re at is $75,000 but where you live it’s $79,000, so naturally you have to pattern your plan to the latter lest you risk facing bigger out-of-pocket expenses.


Requesting long term care quotes is only going to be beneficial if you know what you need.  Comparing quotes would be pointless to anyone who is unsure of what he is expecting for the future.

Senior Joke to Make you Feel Much Better

A senior citizen was walking across a damp meadow when he heard a female voice say, “Sir, I would like to ask a great favor of you “He looked around and saw only a frog sitting on a grass pod. “I must be going nuts,” he thought, “There’s no one here.”

The voice then said, “Please, sir. Please help me.”

Again all he saw was the frog, looking straight at him. “Who said that?” he asked rather loudly.

“I did, sir. I’m the frog. I was a beautiful 19-year-old princess but a witch put a spell on me. Please help me.”

The old man picked up the frog and held it in his hand. “How can I help you?” he asked.

“The only thing that will break the spell is to have a man kiss me in the mouth. Please do it for me, and then I will again turn into a beautiful, sexy, princess and I will really make you feel young again. I will make great love to you.”

The man closed his hand about the frog and stuffed it into his pocket. “At my age,” he said, “I’d rather have a talking frog.”

This can give you a good laugh at first but before you sleep at night this will make you think about your future, what kind of life you’ll have after retirement. Some would say that it’s too early to think about shopping for long term care quote while others consider purchasing long term care insurance early in their life. So what would it be?

You do not have control of the future, your children might just let you live on your own or make you move to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. It’s lonely and pathetic to face your retirement years alone. What you’ve read earlier is not just a story that can make you life and make you feel light. It shows you what happens in real life, you’ll grow old alone and you’ll be content in having a company of a talking frog.

If you don’t plan your future properly and you don’t consider shopping for long term care insurance quotes early, your retirement years would be very inconvenient and to make it worse you’ll brave it all alone. No one wants that, so consider long term care planning as early as you can.